Pay Tel’s CenturionITS™ system offers several voice biometric solutions for use in identifying the inmate who is making each phone call.

Pay Tel Voice Biometric Pre-Call Verification Option

Pay Tel offers an integrated option to verify the inmate’s voice at the beginning of each call. This feature is offered as a deterrent to PIN theft and provides additional confirmation of the call initiator’s identity for investigative purposes.

Investigator Pro™- Continuous Voice Biometric Identification

One of the investigative tools available through Pay Tel is the Investigator Pro™ Biometric Phone Crime Detection and Prevention System which works in conjunction with Pay Tel’s CenturionITS™. Industry performance history of the Investigator Pro™ is outstanding.

InvestigatorPro™ not only validates the inmate’s PIN to their voice to initiate a call, but it also continues to monitor the call for the entire duration to ensure that the inmate has not passed the phone to another inmate.