Products and Services

Commitment to Innovation

Pay Tel isn’t resting on yesterday’s technology, or out-dated patents that no longer apply in today’s market. Instead, Pay Tel is developing new and innovative solutions for the future of telecommunications and the evolving needs of correctional facilities. From the CenturionITS™ platform to our growing list of inteleTOOLS™ for facility investigators, Pay Tel delivers the solutions that your facility needs most. Pay Tel offers:

  • Dedicated team of developers
  • Practical, effective features
  • Updates every 6 months at no charge
  • In person or web-based training in support of new features

Beginning in 2004, Pay Tel Communications embarked upon an aggressive campaign to initiate patent protection of our own innovations and intellectual property which we are continuously developing and improving. While Pay Tel’s patent portfolio may not be the largest, we are proud to say that each and every one of our patents is based on current VoIP-based inmate calling solutions and forward-looking technology either in use today or planned for the future.