CenturionITS™ is designed as a flexible platform, allowing Pay Tel to deliver not only calling options and call controls but a growing list of intelligent investigative tools created to target suspicious activity and save investigator time.


Pay Tel’s CenturionITS™ system offers several voice biometric solutions for use in identifying the inmate who is making each phone call.

  • Pay Tel Voice Biometric Pre-Call Verification
  • Investigator PRO(tm) Continuous Voice Biometric Identification

Visit the inteleVOICE™ page for more details about these useful options.

inteleTRACK™ allows investigators to define trigger events (a specific phone number or inmate) that will generate an alert when the trigger event occurs.  Alerts may be triggered by any combination of the following:

  • Occurrence – For instance: Every time a call meeting the specified parameters occurs an alert would be sent, or send an alert only the 1st time it occurs, or the 2nd time it occurs etc.
  • Inmate PIN – If the facility uses PINs, alerts can be restricted to a specific inmate
  • Called Party Number – Alerts can be restricted to the number the inmate dials
  • Originating Station (Inmate Telephone) – Alerts can be restricted to the station the call is originating from
  • Time of Day – Alerts can be restricted to certain hours of the day

 Delivery Options:

  • Interactive – Delivered via phone giving the investigator the option to immediately listen to the call after entering a pass code.  Includes “barge in” capability and the option to terminate the call as needed
  • Passive, Voice Message – Similar to the Interactive Alert, however this option provides notification only. This would be useful for a voice pager or answering machine
  • Numeric – The investigator’s phone number is called, and digits are displayed on the Alert Number that was called. This would be useful for alerting a text only pager
  • Email Message – The investigator is sent an email with the date and time the alert was triggered
  • Log File Only – No alerting call would be made, but it would be logged in the Administrative Terminal software for further investigation by the jail staff or investigators

With its enhanced recording navigation and note features, Pay Tel’s intelePLAYER™ will enable you to quickly review call recordings and easily create and share notes to aid in your investigations.

Once you have found the recording that proves your case, you need a way to certify recording authenticity.  intelePROOF™ is Pay Tel’s web-based recording authentication system which verifies any downloaded recording against the original to certify that the file has not been tampered with or modified in any way. The process is simple to use from any laptop, PC or tablet with internet access:

  • Launch the intelePROOF™ function
  • intelePROOF™ will connect to the Pay Tel server via an encrypted SSL tunnel
  • The user selects the file to be authenticated
  • intelePROOF™ will perform a Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) on the file and on the original recording
  • The two algorithms are compared and if identical; the recording is certified as authentic
  • Recordings can be authenticated anytime, anywhere, including a courtroom setting from a laptop

Pay Tel’s CenturionITS platform includes inteleLINKS™, a data mining tool which analyzes call data for possible connections between inmates and called parties.

  • inteleLINKS™ dashboard allows the investigator to see high probability scenarios for suspicious activity Including:  Frequently dialed numbers, Possible 3-way calls, Commonly Dialed Numbers (multiple inmates calling the same number), and Inmates that called the same number at the same time
  • Option to choose a specific date/date range for display
  • Clicking on a specific result will take you to a social graph of relationships to other calls as shown
  • Future capabilities include:
    • Common called party accounts & funding methods
    • Links to commissary and JMS data for additional information