Pay Tel is pleased to offer a secure, multi-function inmate tablet for inmate use.  The unique tablet and case design minimizes the risk of damage and offers a built-in stand for the option of hands-free use. inteleTABLET™ application options include:

  • Pathway to Achieve™ Educational Platform
  • Phone Call Application
  • inteleMESSAGE™ application
  • Entertainment (music, movies, games)
  • Customized facility information (inmate handbook, etc.)
  • Law Library
  • Grievance Reporting
  • Medical Requests
  • PREA Information

Advanced Education Solution

The free, self-paced, and easy-to-understand educational programs are tailored to the corrections audience.  Each inmate is guided through the process starting with a tablet-based assessment questionnaire which results in an individualized Pathway to Achieve™ course recommendation.  Inmates who would otherwise be too embarrassed to attend classes are thriving while exploring the countless topics available on our tablets. Pay Tel’s in-house learning development team curates and develops educational content from established sources, offering a broad array of subjects ranging from anger management to addiction recovery, parenting, job skills and much more.  Inmates can easily track progress, and are rewarded for accomplishment. Facility administrators have visibility to educational participation.

If your facility faces budgeting and staffing challenges when it comes to inmate educational programs, then the Pay Tel inteleTABLET™ solution is the answer.

inteleTABLET™also offers the capability to customize the content with valuable, time-saving applications and information, including inmate handbooks, law library, grievance reporting, medical requests and much more. The self-service cordless charging station offers maximum convenience and minimizes the involvement of officers.

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