Pay Tel is pleased to offer a secure inmate tablet featuring the industry-leading Edovo educational platform coupled with a variety of features for inmate use.  inteleTABLET™ applications include:

  • Edovo education platform
  • Phone call application
  • inteleMESSAGE™ application
  • Customized facility information (i.e. inmate handbook, etc.)

Advanced Education Solution

With over 10,000 hours of education, self-help courses, and life and job skills training, Pay Tel’s tablet offers the most robust educational offering in the confinement industry.  There is no charge for the inmate to access these courses, and officers have observed an immediate calming effect in their facilities.  Inmates earn certificates upon course completion which they can show to their families and friends, attorneys, and the courts.

The Edovo educational system also features a unique “learn to earn” entertainment system where inmates can earn points by viewing and completing educational courses and spend those points on games, magazines, and movies.

If your facility faces budgeting and staffing challenges when it comes to inmate educational programs, then the Pay Tel and Edovo Tablet solution is the answer. Courses that your facility would previously had to have paid thousands of dollars for are now available to inmates via the Pay Tel and Edovo Inmate Tablets.  The free, self-paced, and easy-to-understand educational programs have resulted in very high utilization and course completion rates.  Inmates who would otherwise be too embarrassed to attend classes are thriving while exploring the countless topics available on our tablets.  Our inmate tablets also offer the capability to customize the tablet with your own programs, inmate handbooks, and more.

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