Pay Tel offers many calling options through the CenturionITS™ automated call platform. Each option allows for secure call completion to landlines, cell phones, VoIP phones and more.


Through a simple application process, credit-qualified customers may establish a collect account which is direct billed monthly by Pay Tel.


Pay Tel was the first in the industry to offer an innovative Prepaid Collect calling program allowing customers to open accounts to receive phone calls. No blocking means more calls are completed.


PIN Based Cardless Debit – Pay Tel will develop an interface with the facility’s Commissary or trust account system in order to provide real-time debit calling. This option makes it convenient for inmates to use their own funds to place calls from the moment they are booked.

Prepaid Debit Cards – Pay Tel offers a convenient prepaid debit calling card option which allows inmates to purchase cards as a commissary item and use the cards to place calls through the CenturionITS™ phone to any number allowed by the facility. This option provides an alternative to Real-time Debit at the discretion of the facility.


Allows the called party to pay for a single local call, without the need to set up an account. This option is ideal for families accepting calls from inmates who will be released in a short time period. The price is based on the standard, regulated local call rate at that facility plus the automated phone payment processing fee. Other Inmate Phone Vendors may offer a similar convenience calling option, but Pay Tel was the first company to offer this service at the regulated rate with full commission on every call.

First Call Free with Customer Account Set-Up

If the called party’s number does not have an account with Pay Tel, then the inmate is allowed a free one minute call. The called party is told that by receiving the complimentary call that they are agreeing to discuss alternative billing methods after the call is completed. Rather than blocking these numbers, our “First Call Free” program allows the inmate to speak with the called party to address emergency issues (need for medication, bail, etc.).

After the complementary call is completed, the called party is then given the option to pay for Just1Call™ (described above) with a debit or credit card and continue the conversation or immediate access to a customer service agent to set up billing arrangements to receive future calls.

Called Party Support Options:  We’re here to help you stay connected™

In addition to providing detailed information about rates, terms and conditions on our website, Pay Tel offers numerous ways for the Called Party to receive assistance:

  • Automated Phone Assistance:  Customers may call 1-800-729-8355 to access an Automated Customer Service IVR Phone System available in English and Spanish twenty-four hours a day. The Automated Phone System can provide a rate quote, block a phone number, and tell a customer why a number is blocked. It can also assist a customer who wants to open an account, check an account balance, make a payment, or get information about requesting a refund.
  • Live Agent Assistance:  The customer can also follow the voice prompts to speak directly with a Customer Service Representative (CSR).
  • Spanish Language Assistance and Website:  Launched in 2006 for those who are more comfortable receiving assistance in Spanish.
  • Customer Relations:  Customers can register complaints to Customer Relations by completing a complaint form on-line or by emailing the form directly to the Customer Relations Manager for response. All complaints are addressed the day of receipt.