Since 1989, Pay Tel’s team of dedicated software, hardware, and network engineers has been focused on delivering the most advanced Inmate Technology System (ITS) available in the confinement industry.  The CenturionITS™ is the product of over twenty years of development effort and represents the best work of our engineering team driven by feedback from our client facilities.

 The Centralized VoIP Advantage

Pay Tel’s CenturionITS™ has broken free of typical design and configuration flaws of ITS within the confinement industry, with the VoIP based, centralized platform in service today.  Advantages include:  

  • Secure Data Center in Greensboro, NC
  • SANs Provide Fully Redundant Storage = Maximum Reliability
  • Redundant power offering isolated A and B circuits to all equipment within the datacenter
  • Redundant Internet connectivity provided by diverse fiber routes from multiple carriers
  • 350 Kilowatt Generator Backup
  • Physically Separate, Secure Disaster Recovery Center with Complete Redundancy
  • Scalable allowing for seamless expansion to support a growing client base
  • Eliminates use of specialized vendor hardware to allow for unrestricted growth
  • Flexible, cutting-edge administrative & investigative tools
  • Unlimited secure client access: any internet accessible PC, laptop or tablet can be used to administer system;  no need for dedicated administrative terminals
  • Multi-level user access security including option to limit access to a single inmate
  • Reduced on-site equipment = reduced on-site repairs.  Most site repairs are limited to replacement of phones
  • Automated System Maintenance Testing & Reporting 24×7
  • Integrated Traditional Visitation Phone Access with Monitoring/Recording
  • All Calling Types in One System:
    • PayTelDIRECT™
    • PayTelPREPAY™
    • Just1Call™
    • PayTelDEBIT™  (Card and Cardless Options)
  • Regular Upgrades with no need for hardware replacement
  • Flexible interface capability with a growing list of jail management, inmate trust and commissary systems gives facilities the efficiency of integration with the flexibility to choose the best vendor for each function