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President’s Welcome


Confinement Facility Officials

At Pay Tel, our philosophy is “Promises get customers… performance keeps them.” For over twenty years our unmatched record of client retention is proof positive of our commitment to meet the technological needs of our clients and to provide quality service.

Pay Tel understands that our inmate telephone service, in addition to providing the latest in technology, can best meet your needs by providing an easy-to-use, hassle-free service. We take great pride in honoring our commitment to serve you by providing quality service at fair rates to the citizens you serve.

Pay Tel has established itself as the market dominant and most respected Inmate Telephone Service Provider in the Southeast. As we expand nationwide, we welcome the opportunity to show you how Pay Tel can make a difference for you.

Pay Tel is well informed on the issues facing our industry and the implications for your confinement facility. Armed with this knowledge, our experienced staff has developed state of the art technology to provide the latest investigative tools that work for you and save your officers’ valuable time. Our commitment to abide by all industry regulations provides protection for our clients and gives them peace of mind that comes from selecting an inmate phone service provider who is a dedicated, long-term player.

That’s our promise and, with Pay Tel, it is a reality.



Vincent Townsend, President