Pay Tel is pleased to offer the Tech Friends Inmate Banking Solution and all of the time-saving features associated with their products and services. Pay Tel and Tech Friends do not seek to replace the Commissary or JMS. Instead, the inteleBANKING™ solution offers a bridge to the technologies of each vendor into a seamless solution for the facility that saves time and adds convenience; enhancing the effectiveness of both the commissary and the JMS.

Features include:

  • LockDown Inmate Trust Account Banking Software
  • PayTelKIOSK™ Lobby Payment Kiosk
  • inteleKIOSK™ Inmate Services Portal
  • Booking Manager controls entry of inmate funds at the time of booking
  • Release debit card eliminates the need to issue checks to released inmates


The PayTelKIOSK™ offers inmates’ friends and family a convenient option to add money to any account:

  • Inmate’s inteleBANKING™trust account
  • Inmate’s PayTelDEBIT™ account
  • Called Party’s PayTelPREPAY™ account
  • Payments posted immediately


The PayTelKIOSK™ accepts cash and credit/debit card payments and provides printed receipts.  Selected transaction data is used by the inteleLINKS™ data mining tool to identify possible inmate relationships and affiliations for investigative purposes.