How do I receive funds that are left on an account after six months?


  • Obligations of Customer
  • Account Notification
  • Balance Transfer
  • Prepaid Phone Card
  • Refund
  • Proof of Identity

Obligations of Customer: You must agree to notify Pay Tel of changes in your contact information, including email address, phone number, and mailing address. In particular, you must agree to notify Pay Tel if you no longer subscribe to the telephone number upon which your Pay Tel Prepaid Account is based. You understand and acknowledge that if you do not inform Pay Tel of changes to your contact information, Pay Tel may be unable to locate you and notify you of account status or changes.

Account Notification: In the event that your Prepaid Account has had no activity for a period of not less than three (3) months, Pay Tel will inform you of the account status and provide instructions on how to access account information.

Balance Transfer: In the event that your Prepaid Account has been inactive for a period of not less than six (6) months, and you have not requested a refund, Pay Tel may classify the account as inactive and transfer any Prepaid Account balance in excess of $3.00 to a Pay Tel Prepaid Phone Card and issue the Card to you. Pay Tel will only issue Prepaid Cards to those Prepaid Account Customers who meet the criteria described herein, and Pay Tel will not make Prepaid Cards available to any other customer or person, or under any other circumstance than that specifically described in this Policy. This action is necessary to protect the balance of your funds. Upon account opening, your account is identified by and associated with the ten-digit phone number then in use by you. If, at some point, you no longer subscribe to that particular telephone number, then the number in question typically is assigned to another telephone subscriber. That new telephone subscriber may attempt to open an account with Pay Tel using the telephone number formerly used by you. To protect your funds and avoid confusion in the event a new subscriber attempts to open an account with Pay Tel using the same telephone number, Pay Tel will transfer your funds to a Prepaid Phone Card identified by your original phone number preceded by two digits. This transfer will maintain your account balance with your name, address and Personal Identification Number (PIN) created when the account was opened. Pay Tel will issue the Prepaid Phone Card to you in the manner Pay Tel determines to be the most effective and efficient, (via U.S. postal mail or email).

Prepaid Phone Card: You can use the Prepaid Phone Card to make calls from any telephone (at rates set out in the applicable Pay Tel tariff), transfer the balance to an active Prepaid Account or to open a new Prepaid Account with Pay Tel. The call restrictions applicable to calls made from Confinement Facilities are not applicable to the Prepaid Phone Card calls. Network usage will be debited from the funds available on the Prepaid Phone Card on a real time basis in full minute increments as the call progresses. Call timing is rounded up to the nearest one (1) minute increment after the initial minimum period of one (1) minute.

Refund: You may, at any time, transfer the available balance on the Prepaid Phone Card to an active Prepaid Account, open a new Prepaid Account with Pay Tel or obtain a refund of any remaining balance by mailing the Prepaid Phone Card to Pay Tel at the address printed on the Card. In the event you do not receive the Prepaid Phone Card from Pay Tel or otherwise do not possess the Card, and you contact Pay Tel for the purposes of obtaining a refund, Pay Tel will refund your funds provided you can show proof of identity. Where allowed, a monthly card maintenance fee will be applied to any card balance existing more than twelve (12) months after the card has been issued. Pay Tel may waive the monthly card maintenance fee in appropriate circumstances.

Proof of Identity: Pay Tel cannot discuss any account information with you unless you have previously established a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for security purposes. When you first contact Pay Tel, you are provided instructions via Pay Tel’s automated phone system or website on how to create a personal six-digit PIN. When you speak with a Customer Service Representative, you will be asked to provide your PIN to verify your identity before personal account information is discussed. The PIN requirement is a federal requirement to protect your personal information. To use a Company Prepaid Phone Card, you must provide the PIN you originally created when the Prepaid Account was established.

If You Forget Your PIN, click here for options.

Pay Tel Communications, Inc. has a patent pending on the process designed to handle Inactive Prepaid Accounts.