Are there any additional fees?

Pay Tel makes every effort to keep fees at a minimum. The following describes the types of fees which may apply:


In the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Congress set up the Universal Service Fund to insure that the rates of rural telephone companies would remain affordable to all customers. All telephone companies including Pay Tel Communications are required to collect fees for various universal service funds that support phone service to schools, libraries, health care facilities and residential customers in rural areas where the cost of providing telephone service is very high.

The  Universal Service Fees (“USF”) on your phone bill are regulated by federal and state law. The USF is based on a specific percentage of the cost of the calls set by the federal government for interstate calls and set by state government for intra-state calls. The USF will only be assessed on applicable call charges and does not include any Pay Tel imposed mark-up or additive. 


Starting June 1, 2016, account statements are available electronically via the Pay Tel website at no cost. Upon request, Pay Tel will mail a printed copy of your current statement.   Except where prohibited by State regulations, a Paper Statement Fee (PSF) of $2.00 will be deducted from your account balance for each request.  There are no other account fees.


For information on opening a Pay Tel Account, click here.


When making a payment on an account, you will be charged a Payment Processing Fee by the third party payment processor of the various payment options; Website $3.00, Automated Payment Hotline $3.00, Live Payment Center $5.95, PayNearMe $1.99, MoneyGram® $5.95 (Wal-Mart and other locations), and Western Union® Quick Collect® as little as $5.00 for a payment of $50 or less (Western Union® charges higher fees for larger payments, see the Payment Methods page for more information). To avoid the payment processing fee, you can mail payments (check or money order) directly to Pay Tel. Please be sure to mail your payment 2-3 days before your account is out of funds so you will not have any interruption in services.