Why do I have to use Pay Tel?

Does Pay Tel provide inmate phone service at my local jail?

How can I get a rate quote?

Why must I set up an account with a PIN to get answers?

What if I forgot my PIN?

How do I find out why a number is blocked and how to unblock a number?

What is the most economical way to open an account quickly?

How can I make a payment?

How can I find out when a number is unblocked?

Can I bypass the introductory messages when I receive calls after I have opened an account?

How do I block my number?

Why are calls blocked?

Why are some calls disconnected?

Why collect calls?

How does the inmate phone system work?

How are calls billed?

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Why are Collect Calls more expensive?

The Theft of Telecommunications Service is a Crime

How can I get a rate quote?

  • Best way - when you receive a collect call from an inmate you will hear a prompt to receive a rate quote before you accept the call. Press 4 and you will receive a rate quote before you accept the call and incur any expenses.
  • Second way - when calling 1-800-729-8355 after you have entered your 10 digit phone number and PIN, follow the voice prompts to receive a rate quote.
  • With both rate quotes you will be given the retail rate for the call. Universal Service Fees and federal, state, and local taxes apply to call rates.



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