Why do I have to use Pay Tel?

Does Pay Tel provide inmate phone service at my local jail?

How can I get a rate quote?

Why must I set up an account with a PIN to get answers?

What if I forgot my PIN?

How do I find out why a number is blocked and how to unblock a number?

What is the most economical way to open an account quickly?

How can I make a payment?

How can I find out when a number is unblocked?

Can I bypass the introductory messages when I receive calls after I have opened an account?

How do I block my number?

Why are calls blocked?

Why are some calls disconnected?

Why collect calls?

How does the inmate phone system work?

How are calls billed?

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Why are Collect Calls more expensive?

The Theft of Telecommunications Service is a Crime


Proof of Identity

Pay Tel cannot discuss any account information with you unless you have previously established a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for security purposes.  When you first contact Pay Tel, you are provided instructions via Pay Tel’s automated phone system or website on how to create a personal six-digit PIN.  When you speak with a Customer Service Representative, you will be asked to provide your PIN to verify your identity before personal account information is discussed.  The PIN require­ment is a federal requirement to protect your personal information. 

If You Forget Your PIN:

You have two choices:

1) Create a new PIN using website; or

2) Create a new PIN with Proof of Identity.

Create a New PIN using Website:  If your account was established on Pay Tel’s website and you provided an answer to a Security Question, you may visit www.paytel.com and follow the “Forgot Your Pin” instructions on the Customer Log-In page.  When the requested information is provided, you will then be able to enter a new PIN.

Create a New PIN with Proof of Identity:  If you forget your PIN and your account was not set up on Pay Tel’s website, a new PIN will need to be created.  To create a new PIN, you must fax or mail a copy of your drivers license and a copy of your most recent telephone bill showing you are the responsible party for the telephone account.  Also, you must include with the fax or mailed copy the six-digit PIN you wish to use. 

Fax No. 1-800-776-8423 or mail to:  Pay Tel Communications, Inc., PO Box 19290, Greensboro, NC  27419.




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