Why do I have to use Pay Tel?

Does Pay Tel provide inmate phone service at my local jail?

How can I get a rate quote?

Why must I set up an account with a PIN to get answers?

What if I forgot my PIN?

How do I find out why a number is blocked and how to unblock a number?

What is the most economical way to open an account quickly?

How can I make a payment?

How can I find out when a number is unblocked?

Can I bypass the introductory messages when I receive calls after I have opened an account?

How do I block my number?

Why are calls blocked?

Why are some calls disconnected?

Why collect calls?

How does the inmate phone system work?

How are calls billed?

Are There Any Additional Fees?

Why are Collect Calls more expensive?

The Theft of Telecommunications Service is a Crime


PAY-TEL is the leading Inmate Phone Service Provider serving confinement facilities in the Southeastern United States. PAY-TEL provides the services and the equipment that enables inmates to keep in touch with family and friends. PAY-TEL is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most dependable inmate phone service to the facilities in which we operate and to the citizens they serve. We take great pride in our twenty one year history of providing quality service at fair rates.

Phone privileges are established by each individual confinement facility. This includes the hours each day the phones are available, the time limit on calls and in some cases what numbers are allowed to be called. PAY-TEL has no control over the hours of operation or call length. At most confinement facilities calls are recorded and may be monitored.

PAY-TEL only bills calls that have been "positively accepted" by the called party. This means that when you receive a call from a confinement facility, you will first hear a recorded announcement explaining that the call is from a confinement facility and the caller's name. You will then be notified that calls will be recorded and may be monitored.

If you do not recognize the name, hang up and you will not be billed for the call.

When receiving a collect call if you would like to hear a rate quote prior to accepting the charges you can press "4". The rate quote will be the retail rate for the call billed through your local telephone company.

If you wish to speak to the caller you must "positively accept" the call by pressing the number three (3) on the keypad of your touch-tone phone. When you accept a collect call you are agreeing to pay the charges for the call.

In most areas, billing for "positively accepted" calls will appear on your local phone bill. The amount of collect calls billed on your local telephone bill is subject to calling limits established with each telephone company. This limit applies per household, not per person.

In some cases your local telephone company or wireless carrier does not allow inmate collect calls to be billed to your number. If your local phone service is with one of these carriers, PAY-TEL's Customer Service Department is prepared to assist you establishing an account directly with us. Click here for information on how to open an account.

PAY-TEL provides online access to set up an account, check balances, make a payment, request a refund and request a number block or unblock. We also offer an Automated Customer Service Phone System 24 hours a day to assist you with unblocking a number, opening an account, checking your account balance, confirming a payment has been received, learning why your number is blocked, getting a rate quote or requesting a refund. If you need further assistance please call 1-800-PAY-TELL or 1(800)729-8355, follow the voice prompts to speak with a Customer Service Representative Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.



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